Agave & Ashes: A journey with Volcán de mi Tierra

Available for purchase between 8 - 12 may 2024

Celebrate The Flavors of Mexico

DISCOVER MEXICAN TEQUILA, its unique andelegant style with a silky permanence in the mouth. This workshop will unravel how the distinct flavours of agave from both the highlands and the lowlands are married to create a tequila that is not just consumed, but experienced.

More than just a tasting—it is a journey through time and technology, from the sundrenched fields of agave to the smooth, complex finish of Volcán de mi Tierra in the glass.

  • Volcan Blanco

    Volcán De Mi Tierra Blanco is a craft tequila made from the very best Blue Weber agave carefully selected from the Highlands (Los Altos) and the Lowlands (El Valle).


    The balanced blend of spicy and herbaceous flavors from Lowlands agave as well as citrus and floral notes from Highlands agave results in a complex and elegant liquid. Unique bottle, label assembled and handmade.

  • Volcan Cristalino

    Volcán De Mi Tierra Añejo Cristalino is an aged craft tequila made from 100% Blue Weber agave. It is a blend of añejo and extra-añejo tequila that has been aged and rested in American and French oak casks for a minimum of one year. Using a new technique for extracting color through charcoal filtration, the resulting Cristalino is a clear liquid with an unparalleled complexity of aromas and flavor.


    Volcan de mi tierra Anejo cristalino's personality shines thru with robust flavors of caramel, tobacco and dark chocolate, while finishing with a silky palate.



  • Volcan X.A

    Volcan X.A Extra Ages Tequila, distilled from select blue agave and aged in oak barrels, offers a refined flavor and smooth character. Presented in an elegant bottle, it stands as a premium choice for tequila enthusiasts.


    The 3 layers of aging unveil a very smooth tequila profile. The reposado base brings the right level of sweetness and smoothness, which añejo and extra-añejo add aromatic elegance and complexity


    A subtle recipe kept secret by out master distiller. Volcan X.A reveals a perfect balance of cooked agave, hints of spices and sweet aromas such as notes of vanilla, caramel and dried fruits.

Before Tequila Was A Drink, It Was A Volcano


Volcan de mi Tierra is named after a real volcano that sits in the lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico, “Volcan de Tequila”. 200,000 years ago the tequila volcano erupted, shaping the land and topography of the Jalisco region.

That eruption covered the area in rich volcanic soil, making the area ideal for the growth of blue agave. The ash of the volcano created a soil rich in basalt and iron, which gives our tequila its particular taste.